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We Gowd Sararswat Brahamins are very proud of our community. Recently due to their proffesion , our people have spread all over the country and Globally too. Parents are finding it difficult, to get a proper match for their sons/daughters because of the various parameter which have to match like.

Online matrimonial portal developed and maintained for the GSB Samaj Bhandavas.

Sons and daughters are highly qualified with career taking an important role.

Mother tongue varies in different cities( Because Gsbs have adopted to local language, life style)

An industrialist couple Smt.Jyotsna pai and Shree Girish Pai from Belgaum Karnataka saw the plight of parents trying to get a match for their ward and their started a watsapp group called gsb sawrika.

Each time they met a prospective candidate they added them to the group. Here the details of proposal like Biodata, Photo & Kundli were posted.

The Group started in 2015 became almost 2 group in 2017. Almost 400 members joined the Group and around 30 marriages materialized. Many more marriages which happened were not informed to the Pai couple.

The database created was utilized directly and indirectly to many more parents of prospective couples.

The Group got a parallel Facebook closed Group were the proposals were stored in the form of profile. Now in 2017 we decided to have an website. The parents demanded of segregation of data to facilated easier match making.

GSB Soirika Pai

Soirika means alliance in Konkani. It is getting tougher to match alliance by the day in Gowd Saraswat Brahmin community .

The prospective Groom & Brides are highly qualified with Economic independence. Their careers have taken them to far lands.

Parents are searching frantically for a partner for their wards . Mrs Jyotsna Pai an engineer by qualification from Bangalore and entrepreneur by profession from Belgaum decided to help bandhavas in this.

She started passing proposals among known sources and gradually used the latest apps and social media for it. Shri Girish Pai her life partner made it more organized thereafter. The group is not formed for profit making. It is mainly formed to help the samaj bandhavas in the community.

DATE of origin :- july 2015 they started the register maintained Soirika

15/4/2015 – watsapp group called GSB SOIRIKA BELGAUM PAI which has around 400 members

Nov 2016 – Made facebook closed group called Gsb soirika belgaum Pai

May 2017 - website called gsbsoirikapai.com

Founder :- Mrs Jyotsna Pai

She was born in Panambur , Mangalore. She completed her education as an engineer from Bangalore university in 1992. Her parents are in Bangalore , father Shri K.N Kini is an active member of GSB charitable trust and her source of inspiration towards community service . She manages her family & their Mechanised Bread Plant in Belgaum since her marriage of 23years . They have 2 sons who are studying in Bangalore . Matchmaking gives her satisfaction and interaction with other samaj bandhavas . So after her age 45yrs when her sons went to Bangalore for further studies , She dedicated her time from 6pm to 8pm for GSB matching purpose . The day time being dedicated to bakery business.

Achievement :-

Shri Girish Vishwanth Pai :- He was born in 12/3/1966 educated in Belgaum . His forefathers hail from kagal near kumtain North Canara. He is an B.E ( Electronics) holder. He owns Restaurant and party hall and is the Managing Director of Pai Bakery. He conducted several cake exhibitions in belgaum in large scale. He and his wife together started gsbsoirikapai.

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Bank name: Canara Bank

Account name : Pai Bakery

Current A/C No. : 1829201001404

IFSC Code : CNRB0001829

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